Granite has become very popular over the last thirty years, but its history dates back much farther than that. Granite has been utilized throughout civilization by ancient cultures, and more recently, on kitchen countertops. Many are familiar with the illustrious rock, but exactly where does granite come from?

How Does Granite Form?

Granite forms from the slow crystallization of magma that flows and solidifies underground. Granite is composed of natural quartz and feldspar with subtle amounts of other organic materials. Essentially, modern-day granite was once molten material. Granite usually gives off a red, pink, grey, or white color throughout the rock. Rare granites include colors like blue, green, black and gold.

Granite is considered one of the most durable natural stones. Granite is incredibly dense and is as strong as diamonds.

Where in the World is Granite?

Granite Quarry

Granite can be found worldwide, but granite distributors source the vast majority of the world’s granite from Brazil, Italy, India and China. Each region has its respective characteristics. Brazil is recognized worldwide for its quarries that produce some of the world’s most unique granites, known as Blue Fire, named after the blue and gold color it boasts. Italian granite is internationally known for its intricate patterns and soothing colors. The more obscure the color you want, the higher you will have to pay for it. Since the color forms naturally, some colors are much rarer than others.

How Durable is Granite?

NY Public Library

Granite is one of the most durable natural stones. Granite is incredibly dense and is as strong as diamonds. The magmatic processes that form these rocks date back to millions of years of extreme pressure.

Granite could be considered one of the cornerstones of civilization. Ancient Egyptians would etch hieroglyphics into granite slabs. Likewise, the etchings of the ten commandments are in granite slabs. Without granite, we would have never had this documentation for us to look back on and interpret.

Here are some of the more recent iconic granite structures:

Present Day Granite

Kitchen Granite Countertop

Today, granite is the most well-known igneous rock because it is commonly sitting on top of kitchen counters and bathroom vanities. Before the 1990s, granite would usually be found in the homes of the wealthy and was out of reach to the average homeowner. Many homes still had laminate countertops, which lacked the durability and strength that granite possesses.

Importing granite is a delicate process, and, if not handled properly, the material is more susceptible to scratching or chipping. Thankfully, transportation and carrier services have made it possible to import granites from Brazil, Italy, India, and China with proper securement and enough padding. This process gives you access to some of the highest quality granite in the world.

Thanks to modern technology, granite is now mass-produced and is a mainstay in homes. Currently, the average homeowner has access to a countertop material that:

  • Adds value to your kitchen
  • Is durable and is easy to fix if it does scratch or chip
  • Resists bacteria and dirt
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Is temperature resistant (both hot and cold)

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